Stained Glass Classes

We offer classes for those interested in learning the art of Stained Glass. Classes are on-going, so you may join at any time. Classes are Tuesdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am to 12:00pm. The cost for six (6) two hour classes is $85.

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All Skill Levels

Because students in our classes are of all skill levels, the project you will complete as part of the class will depend on your skill level. A project will be designed especially for you by Mark Lewis based on your preferences.

Stained Glass Art Classes
Stained Glass Art Class Project
Stained Glass Classes

Custom Designed Project

Some students prefer to start off with a very simple and basic design, while others prefer to tackle something much more elaborate. The choice is yours!

Individual instruction is provided because students in our classes are of different skill levels. We welcome all levels, from beginners who have never made a stained glass piece before who will need intense instruction as a beginner, to students who have experience, but enjoy working in an environment that provides them access to all the tools and supplies needed, as well as a Stained Glass Professional to instruct as needed.

More Class Projects

You will have the opportunity to decide on what type of project you would like to complete….. from very simple projects, to elaborate designs – it’s up to you and your ambition!¬†Everything you need to complete your project is available in our store. Have fun choosing just the right glass for your project from a large selection of beautiful glass on display.

Stained Glass is all we do.

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